Adult Christian Education : Your Vocation

What does it mean to be a Christian businessman or a Christian artist or a Christian lawyer, scientist, construction worker, or whatever? How can I serve God in my work? And what if I don’t have one of these fulfilling jobs? What about my dead-end job? What if I am retiring or already retired? Or I am a student? Or a stay-at-home mum? How can I know what God is calling me to, what my vocation is supposed to be? How can I know what I am supposed to do with my life?

And what does it mean to have a Christian family? How am I supposed to raise my kids? And what if I don’t have kids? What if I am single—that state largely ignored by “family-oriented” church programs? What if I want to be married but can’t find the right person? If I am married, how am I supposed to relate to my spouse? How are parents supposed to relate to their kids, and vice versa? What about all of these authority issues?

Should Christians become involved in politics? How can Christians function in a non-Christian or even anti-Christian culture? Should we take it over? Or let it take over us? Or abandon it? Do we always have to obey our rulers? How can Christians change things?

And what about the roles of pastors and laypeople in the Church? Who does what? Who submits to whom? How do church activities and responsibilities relate to our other activities and responsibilities? How do secular vocations relate to the work of, say, evangelism?

God willing, we shall seek to address these questions (some directly and others indirectly) in our ACE starting 10th April 2016, and for the many Lord’s Day to come, as we begin our study on “YOUR VOCATIONS”.

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