Adult Christian Education : The Book of Hebrews

We will be studying the New Testament book of Hebrews in our ACE starting 1st Jan 2017.

Why study Hebrews ?

  • From a theological standpoint, Hebrews unite the Old and the New Testament to present to us a single plan of God for salvation, revealed and manifested in stages in history and finally completed through His Son Jesus Christ.
  • The epistle of Hebrews provide for us keys for understanding and interpreting Old Testament passages and practices.
  • Like the Jewish Christians, we too have challenges to our faith that very often prompt us to “give up” or to be apathetic to living a full Christian life.
  • We have a fatal attraction to forms of religion and use them as substitutes for our salvation and like the first audience we need to learn, be convinced and be comforted that Jesus is all-sufficient for life and salvation.
  • With Jesus Christ as our great High Priest, how then can we go on to live a genuine Christian life!